Monday, May 25, 2009

To All My American Readers Who Get Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

I hate to exclude any of my international readers, but this news is only applicable to those in America. Late tonight/early tomorrow morning, from 2:15 to 4:30 am, TCM will be airing the MGM silent romantic war epic The Big Parade. Why should you care? Here are my four main reasons:

1. It's one of my 10 favorite movies EVER.
2. This is the first time TCM has aired the movie since I originally saw it five or so years ago.
3. The film is not available on DVD, only on a hard to find VHS.
4. If you remember from a couple months ago when I posted my film log from the Silent Era, I included The Big Parade as the second best film of the entire era (just behind Keaton's Sherlock, Jr.) and also mentioned that leads John Gilbert and Renée Adorée gave two of the best performances during that time period. In fact, I went on to elaborate that Gilbert indeed gave the best male performance.

Enticed yet? If you're not, I don't know what else I could short of flying to your home and recording it on your TiVo for you. Truly, I hope that a few of you give The Big Parade a chance and fall in love with it much like I have. Be sure to let me know what you think!


Matt said...

hmmm... sounds good, I just don't have TCM, though i understand they are good for stuff not yet on dvd.

J.D. said...

A retroactive "okey dokey" (since I just finished watching it). :)

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