Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Recap: Top 2 Edition

I know this is going to be incredibly biased since I've been on the Kris Allen train since "Man in the Mirror" during semi-finals week, but he owned Ms. Glambert during the first two rounds (I'm not counting the third because, as I'm sure you are well aware, the song penned by Kara DioIdon'tgiveacrap is a complete piece of shit and neither of the contestants did well with it). Okay, maybe "owned" isn't the best word, but Kris was definitely much better. His second take on "Ain't No Sunshine," definitely his most underrated performance of the season the first time around and the one that proved what a unique artist he is, was just as beautiful and stunning this go around. I'm glad that the judges finally (kinda) gave him the respect he deserves, but was anyone else peturbed by Simon's back-handed compliment that went something like "After last week, I wasn't sure if America had made the right choice." Are you fucking kidding me? Are the judges still on the Danny Gokey bandwagon? He's gone, get the fuck over it. For his first round pick, Ms. Glambert sang "Mad World" again, his most well-received performance, and it was even more dreadfully dull and lifeless than I remembered. Seriously, nothing was going on there. I don't care if it was more Phantom of the Opera or Twilight, it was still shit.

The second round brought about the dreaded Producers' Choice instead of the usual Let the Contestants Pick Their Own Damn Song. I instantly feared another Syesha Mercado-style sabotage and was prepared for them to make Kris sing something from the
Monsters vs. Aliens Soundtrack. Instead, they decided to make it social message night with Adam singing "Change is Gonna Come" and Kris doing "What's Going On?" (does the producer realize that good songs didn't stop with the Civil Rights Movement?) and neither of them doing that amazingly. Ms. Glambert's performance gave me a headache with all of those unneccessary runs, falsettos and general shriekiness. I will be so glad once they hand him his (undeserved) Idol crown so I can go back to never having to listen to him again. Kris's pick was something I wouldn't have chosen for him in a million years (he's so much better at heartfelt than preachy), but he did marginally well with it and much better than the judges *cough*Simon*cough* gave him credit for. I did love Paula's comment that went something like "I know what's going on and it's you!" How amazing is this woman? Why would they even consider firing and replacing her with that dumb wench known as Kara? She can't even write a cheesy inspirational ballad that makes sense. That song, called "No Boundries," was as long, drawn-out, pointless and unwieldy as her critiques. What a fucking embarrassment--even Ms. Glambert deserved better.

I would love for Kris to win tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. Even if all of this underdog stuff is true, I still don't think it's enough to overcome the mindboggling fanbase Ms. Glambert has amassed throughout the course of the season. Besides, if Kris finishes second, he won't have to release that "No Boundries" pile of steaming shit and he can make his debut album however he wants without interference from the show. Come to think of it, can we please let him lose?


Nick Plowman said...

Perfect way to end of a season's worth of such great recaps; after all, they got me interested in this season when I was fed up with it last season. So for that I thank you, Dame.

And when you put it that way, if Kris comes second, which is most probable (I still have faith that he'll take the whole damn thing, I won't lie), it won't be so bad. Like, at all.

I must admit, I felt sorry for Kara, I genuinely did. I felt hella embarassed for her. But she, and her co-writers (one of which helped pen Spears' "Toxic" so I mean hello!) should have known better.

Overall, thought Kris was great, duh, even loved his No Boundaries. Ain't No Sunshine is and always will be I suppose, my favourite Kris Allen performance on American Idol.

Confession: Even liked Adam's A Change is Gonna Come a little bit. Loved that Randy said Adam's take on No Boundarie's consisted of the words "pitchy in spots," when Jonah Hill mocked him for saying the exact same thing on Top 3 night.

At the end of the day, Adam might put on a show - or a variation of a show, whatever - but Kris will sell records. No doubt in my mind.

Cant believe this season's over, but once again, thanks Jimmy for introducing me to Kris Allen <3 You have no idea how much it means to me. MWA! :*

Vera said...

Um, hate to break it to you, but I think Kris is gonna win. I just have a feeling. I also have a theory, but I won't bore you with it.

Wow, that last song was a big, stinking pile of poo.

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