Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Intimacy is the Word

At first I wasn't sure I was going to talk about the recently released posters for Jane Campion's Bright Star and An Education starring the unknown yet strangely ubiquitous Carey Mulligan. I've come to realize (just like you, hopefully) that Glenn is the master of all things movie poster related, often trusting his opinion about a particular poster more than my own. But when he gave a general thumbs down to both of them, I really just wanted to offer my two cents.

I'm actually a fan of both of them. In fact, I find both posters to be absolutely stunning. They are both simple in concept, but the pay off is in the execution. The Bright Star poster feels so sensual and passionate that it feels like anybody glancing at it is intruding on an extremely personal moment. Plus, the colors seem to catch the eye for whatever reason. I wasn't too excited about this film a week ago, but with this poster, I'm curious to see what it is all about.

An Education's poster isn't as sensual as Bright Star's, but it does feel just as intimate and intrusive. The Photoshopping is a bit blatant (Peter Sarsgaard, who is approaching 40 if he's not there already, looks younger than Zac Efron) but they just look so Goddamned beautiful, don't they? Being a fanboy of all things New Wave and Mad Men, I especially love the 60's inspired costumes. They're so extremely classy and beautiful at the same time. Combined with the lovely trailer released around a week ago, I, just like Bright Star, now have a rising interest in this movie.

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