Friday, July 17, 2009

The Sex

I was already planning on seeing G.I. Joe: Something About a Cobra for the newly married Mr. Tatum and the hope that lots of interesting, engaging acting shirtlessness ensues, but I'm glad to see that Channing is still working the promotional circuit trying to entice people like me into the theatre. Bravo to him for thinking of his fans first! And as long as he continues taking off his shirt, I think we all win (unless you're one of the odd ducks who happens to dislike him, then I guess it's just more for you to ignore or shake your head in disgust at).


J.D. said...

Uggggggggh, he's soooooooooooo hot, goddamn it all to hell.

Emma said...

Don't know if I fancy him when he's just standing there, but when he's dancing... yes please.

Karen said...