Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look at Me, Ma. I'm a College Graduate!

Anyone remember this jam? I literally haven't heard it in 10 years.

In other news, I am old.

Also, I'm really hoping that my commencement goes something like this today.

I think we all know which character I want to be.


Linz McC said...

Oh lord. That Vitamin C song came out the year I graduated from college. Needless to say, I hate it now.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Linz, bite your tongue this song is a classic:)

I don't know when it came out but I know they played it at my PRIMARY SCHOOL graduation. So I feel small.

Congrats James,

J.D. said...


Haha, I was 7 when Vitamin C mattered (kinda). I miss her. :(

Peter Chan said...

I was a high senior when they song invaded the world. So I was one of those unfortunate ones who had to endure it countless amount of times. Congrats on your college graduate status!

Also, took your advice and watched 'Lawn Dogs'... it WAS like Sam Rockwell porn! Also, that scene with the hole in the shirt was pretty stinkin' hot.