Wednesday, May 5, 2010

People Who Can Suck It: Terrence Malick

Who Needs to Suck It: Terrence Malick, legendary reclusive filmmaker who, over the span of a 40 year career, has managed to release four films (with a fifth one on its way soon) all to massive critical acclaim and adoration.

Why He Needs to Suck It: Because the three films of his I have seen have been insufferably boring. I know this won't exactly make me any friends among my cinema-savvy readers, but I have to get this off my chest. I'm all for the idea that not all films (and filmmakers) are for everyone. There are no such things as "indisputable classics" or directors who can do no wrong. If people tell you this and make you feel like a moron who "just doesn't get it" for not liking a certain film, tell those pretentious assholes to suck your dick. Movies, like any art, are subjective and we all have our own tastes and preferences. So, I respect everyone who is of the opinion that Malick is a god. In return, please respect my opinion by not filling my comment boxes with responses like, "OMG WHY DON'T YOU LIKE TERRENCE MALICK?!?! HE IS AMAZINGGGGGGG. YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MOVIES." I get why everyone likes him, but he does absolutely nothing for me. His cinematography is often gorgeous to look at, usually resembling something closer to a collection of paintings rather than a film. I find his films use this pretty exterior as a cover for a hollow interior. I realize that films can work without a visible "plot" but these films usually have a little something extra going for it--whether it's great performing or just a general effervescent spirit that runs through. Malick's films, for me anyways, are simply dull. It's one picture postcard after another with a couple characters speaking innocuous dialogue to shape some vague sense of coherency and story. Yes, his films are nice to look at, but pretty pictures alone don't make for a great film.

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Janice said...

I confess I've never seen any of Malick's films but I feel like I ought to watch one now just to see if I agree or not. (I'm thinking Days of Heaven - I've been meaning to see that anyway.)

I can only claim to having watched the very end of New World via Glenn Duhk's Stale Popcorn blog - but being rather bored by that two minutes, so you probably have a point.

And, I love that you have the cojones to say so - but that you defend your opinion clearly and articulately.

That said, when I first read the blog title I wasn't sure you meant it in the way it's usually meant (negatively) or in the wink-wink on it's head way (as in, this is someone who I'd wish would suck mine....) The former, obviously.