Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 Hot Men and a Dame: The List

Remember my 100 Hot Men and a Dame series? The one I started nearly a year ago but, last time I checked, stalled out at #84? Yeah, I wouldn't blame you if you have forgotten. The last entry was published all the way back in March (another reminder of just how time flies). Since my blogging has slowed down considerably this year due to other projects I'm working on (namely that screenplay I keep yammering on about every chance I can on Twitter), there's a good (read: 99.9%) chance that I'll never finish the series. Sad, I know, but hold on a second. There is good news ahead! With this being the case, I have decided that there is no harm in posting my closely-guarded, ranked list of my 100 hot men. Considering the fact that I would make numerous changes to this list, not to mention add all of the hotties (Zayn! Josh Hutcherson!) who would easily make this list today, I think it's all the more important to share the original list just to see where my head was back in August 2011. Links to the original entries are in pink, as will future entries when they are posted (I have a few entries that were written out of order ages ago chilling on my dashboard, ready to be posted any time now). As always, enjoy the list and let me know what you think of the choices all the way down to the (inevitable) number one.

83. Warren Beatty
82. Gene Kelly
81. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

80. Daniel Craig
78. Henry Fonda
77. Hurts (Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson)
76. Patrick Wilson
75. Chris Meloni
74. River Phoenix
73. Ricky Nelson
71. Tom Brady

70. Tom Hardy
69. Steve McQueen
68. Simon Nessman
67. John Cena
66. François Truffaut
65. Nick Youngquest
64. Daniel Brühl
63. Prince Harry
62. John Slattery
61. Chris Pine

60. Ryan Gosling
59. David Beckham
58. Joe McElderry
57. Taye Diggs
56. Jon Hamm
55. Taylor Lautner
54. Armie Hammer
53. Hugh Jackman
52. Anderson Cooper
51. Robert Redford

50. Gaspard Ulliel
49. Joel McCrea
48. Lee Pace
47. Xavier Samuel
46. Sebastian Stan
45. Clive Owen
44. Cary Grant
43. Dominic Cooper
42. Joel McHale
41. Francisco Lachowski

40. Gael Garcia Bernal
39. Louis Garrel
38. Nick Jonas
37. Tom Ford
36. Sam Rockwell
35. Jamie Bell
34. Rupert Graves
33. Neil Patrick Harris
32. Richard Widmark
31. Mark Wahlberg

30. Mark Ruffalo
29. Penn Badgley
28. Kris Allen
27. Brad Davis
26. Alain Delon
25. Justin Timberlake
24. James McAvoy
23. Aaron Tveit
22. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
21. Marcello Mastroianni

20. Marlon Brando
19. Robert Downey, Jr.
18. Chad White
17. Paul Newman
16. Anthony Perkins
15. Gary Cooper
14. Buster Keaton
13. Adam Brody
12. Montgomery Clift
11. Dirk Bogarde

10. Channing Tatum

09. James Marsden

08. Jean-Paul Belmondo

07. Nicholas Hoult

06. Andrew Garfield

05. James Dean

04. Michael Fassbender

03. Jean-Pierre Léaud

02. Jake Gyllenhaal

01. Zac Efron