Monday, May 21, 2007

Blake Lewis Should Win "American Idol"

I've been watching American Idol from the beginning and I have never seen a contestant like Blake Lewis before. To me, American Idol has been all about the women: Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Mandissa, Jennifer Hudson. Very rarely have I ever supported a man (the only exception has been Chris Daughtry last year and, once he was unfairly eliminated, my only other choice was Elliott Yamin because I hated Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks) but now I feel I have to. Sure, Jordin is technically a better singer than Blake (as most women are compared to their male counterparts), but I think that Blake has something more important than a better voice.
Blake is not only the most original contestant on this season's show, he is one of the most original finalists in the show's entire run. Everything from his clothing, to his strange, uninhibited dance moves to his crazy-ass beatboxes (which is so good for a white guy he puts Justin Timberlake to shame), screams originality and really makes all of the contestants look rather boring. Now, take a look at his song choices from week to week. Every week he goes out on that stage and takes mega chances by Blake-itizing his song choices. Sometimes they work ("You Give Love a Bad Name" was genious and "You Keep Me Hanging On" really is a lot better than the judges gave him credit for) and sometimes they don't (let's not even get into Barry Gibb week), but he always keeps us guessing. And when he isn't "Blake-itizing" songs, he sings with such sincerity on "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Imagine" that even if they aren't "great" by Melinda Doolitttle standards, they are earnest and touching.
Plus, have we ever had a man as young and good-looking on American Idol before (don't anyone dare say Sanjaya in the comments)? I should say not. I mean, for God's sakes, this show has produced such fugly men as Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks, Justin Guarini and the Gayken (and now Elliott Yamin with that terrible Jew-fro). I think it's about time we have gotten an Idol who can not only sing and make great music but actually look attractive.
To quote my friend Ashley, after Taylor Hicks "we need a cool white guy." I couldn't agree more. Here's hoping he picks great songs, sings the hell out of them and Jordin sucks balls on Tuesday night!

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J.D. Judge said...

No he shouldn't. Just because someone or something is the most original doesn't mean they're the best, especially in the winning part of it. People are scared by new things, especially when their horribly mediocre.

And from last night, if Jordin doesn't win, I think I will have to destroy the show.