Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol Recap- Top 3 Edition

Wow, what an improvement over last week! All three of the finalists were fantastic and gave great performances. Here's the rundown on last night:

Jordin Sparks "Wishing On a Star": A cute little contemporary performance, but nothing we haven’t seen from her before.

Blake Lewis "Roxanne": An odd song choice from Paula for Blake (is she trying to turn him into Chris Daughtry or something?) but he pulled it off surprisingly well. Much, much better than last week, thank God.

Melinda Doolittle "I Believe in You and Me": The perfect type of song for Melinda to be singing (a Whitney Houston power ballad) and she even sings it differently than I would imagine. Very nice Melinda.

Jordin Sparks "She Works Hard For the Money": In my mind, this is one of those songs that as an American Idol contestant you should just stay away from. As with most Donna Summer disco-era songs, they were sung so well the first time that you really can’t sing them any differently and it’s hard to infuse your own personality into them. So imagine my dismay when the producers make poor Jordin sing this song. She wasn’t horrible by any means, but it just wasn't as good as some of her better performances.

Blake Lewis "This Love": A great song choice for Blake because his voice is really reminiscent of Adam Levine’s from Maroon 5. There wasn’t much more Blake could have done with the song that Levine didn’t, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Melinda Doolittle "Nut Bush City Limits": I loved Melinda’s attitude and spunk during this performance. Bravo to the producers for picking this obscure Ike and Tina Turner number over something more standard and bravo to Melinda for singing the hell out of this song.

Jordin Sparks "I Who Have Nothing": Damn this girl can sing! Her rendition of this song was flawless yet again (she sang it on a previous episode) and really showed us why she belongs in the competition.

Blake Lewis "When I Get You Alone": Forget what Randy said- this performance was magnificent. Another perfect song choice for Blake and he really sang the hell out of it. Here’s hoping he makes it to the finals on the strength of this great performance.

Melinda Doolittle "I’m a Woman": Of all the songs Melinda sang this year, I’m not exactly sure why she chose this one (I’m torn between "Since You’ve Been Gone" and "Home"), but it was still fun to watch her do this. It looks like she’s having tons of fun on stage and has all but wrapped up her well deserved position in the Finals.

Check back again tomorrow for my thoughts on the person sent home tonight (it's between Blake and Jordin and we all know who I want to stay).

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