Saturday, May 12, 2007

American Idol Recap

I wasn't really planning on doing a recap of American Idol this week, but at Kathryn's insistence, I will do a short recap/thoughts about Tuesday and Wednesday. In case you didn't know, LaKisha went home this week leaving me rather relieved. My Blakie was in the bottom two and it was looking like it could go either way. As much as I hate to say it, neither of them had the greatest night on Tuesday. LaKisha did "Staying Alive" first and I didn't think it was too horrible. Her second song was also okay, but nothing to really rave about. For the first time, I really couldn't stand a song of Blake's. The first one he sang was just God-awful and used way too much beatboxing. His second song was better, but not in the league of his other songs from previous weeks. Overall, it was a pretty bad week for everyone. Even Melinda and Jordin weren't at the top of their game and, in the words of Randy Jackson, weren't "in it to win it." Next week is going to have to be a ton better if any of the three want to earn the title of "American Idol" and Blake is going to have hit it out of the park (and Jordin is going to have to suck majorly) to make it to the finals with Melinda.

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