Wednesday, May 2, 2007

American Idol Recap

Wow, last night's episode of American Idol was the best of the season. With the music of Bon Jovi as the theme, and no real "rockers" on the show, I thought it would be terrible. But, somehow, everyone did their thing and it was incredible. Here's a rundown of last night:

Phil Stacey "Blaze of Glory": Surprisingly, Phil wasn't too unbearable last night. He actually picked a good song for him and sang it decently. I still can't stand him and sincerely hope he gets the boot tonight, but it was a fine performance.

Jordin Sparks "Livin' on a Prayer": Poor Jordin. After getting praised to high-heavens last week, she went and gave the weakest performance of the episode. It wasn't Sanjaya-esque bad, it's just that the song didn't fit her voice at all and was very unflattering. Hopefully the voters forgive this tiny slipup and don't kick her off tonight.

LaKisha "This Aint a Love Song": A very good performance from LaKisha- probably my favorite of hers from the season. After so many weeks of being "blah" for me, I finally felt a little emotion from her as she sang. But that kiss with Simon was a little awkward.

Blake Lewis "You Give Love a Bad Name": OH MY GOD, BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT (and maybe of the entire season). After a couple weeks of playing it safe, my Blakie finally took a chance again (as he did with the fabulous "You Don't Really Love Me" and "Time of the Season") and it paid off tremendously. I have never seen a performance like that on American Idol and I believe he actually has a better chance of winning this whole competition (the only thing that stands in his way is Melinda).

Chris Richardson "Wanted Dead or Alive": This was pretty amazing too. Very bluesy and was the perfect song to fit with Chris' voice. Chris Daughtry might have sang it last season, but Chris Richardson's version was just as good and in a totally different way.

Melinda Doolittle "Have a Nice Day": Melinda also picked the right song for her voice and sang it wonderfully. I don't really think she can be a rocker chick or anything, but she at least survived rock week and turned in another fabulous performance.

Okay, what the fuck was with George and Laura Bush speaking to the American people for donating money to causes that he should be taking care of. What a douche bag. I can't believe he has the audacity to even come on TV and do that when his administration should have fixed Louisiana after Katrina and helped with illiteracy and health care. And, George, that little joke of yours was not funny at all.

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