Thursday, May 10, 2007

Saaphyri's Rules of Debate

1. Cut 'em down low
2. Hit 'em from the bottom of the waist
3. Cut 'em off whenever they talk
4. Make sure they don't talk back

Haha, the ladies of Charm School were in top form this week as they learned the rules of proper debate from a college debate team and then debated each other. Saaphyri was hilarious as she called the rules "stupid" and came up with the "real" rules of debate. During her debate, she cut-off Schatar repeatedly and didn't give her a chance to speak at all. Later on, when Leilene was having a mental breakdown after Larissa called her a bad mother, she quipped "Whoa, you mad ain't you?"

The best quote of the night, however, was when Mo'nique was yelling at Larissa: "Not too long ago, Mo'nique was Larissa and someone had to dig in my ass..." I want to start quoting that all the time, but it doesn't really work out of context.

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