Monday, December 8, 2008

Bette Will Never Be Your Beast of Burden

I've been a bit obsessed with Bette Midler for the past week, so I thought I would spread the joy around. This is the music video to Bette's 1984 cover of the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden." Bette's interpretation is fierce, to say the least, and her vocals are spot on as always. As an added bonus, the video, which like most music videos in their infancy, is a concert clip, but there's actually a little concept behind the footage. The music video also gives Bette the opportunity to be her loud, brassy self and have some fun with Mick Jagger, also relishing the opportunity to poke a little fun at himself. Why oh why wasn't this nominated for a Video of the Year VMA in 1984 when it's obviously cooler than at least two of the nominees?


Kayleigh said...

You'd like Mark Kermode, Radio 5's film critic. He claims to have seen every Bette Midler movie ever. I must admit I was watching the 100 Greatest Tearjerkers a couple of nights ago, Beaches was mentioned and I was in tears. To be fair, I'd been in tears all evening from that show.

Dame James Henry said...

Wow, this Mark Kermode must be one hell of a guy. I have probably seen close to 10 Bette movies, but, for some reason or another, have never stumbled upon Beaches. Shame on me, I know. If just the mention of the movie brings you to tears, I think it's one I need to see immediately.

Vera said...

By most standards Beaches is not really a great movie. It's corny, it's cheesy, it's way too episodic, the relationships really don't make much sense, Barbara Hershey's lips are waaaay distracting, and Bette Midler playing a struggling, young actress is beyond unbelievable. And c'mon people. Wind Beneath My Wings? But against all odds it is wildly entertaining. It is one of those movies where you are crying and laughing and blowing your nose and asking yourself, "How can I love this movie so much?"

Plus, bonus points for Mayim Bialik participation.

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

In those days I had MTV playing every chance I had, and I remember seeing this video exactly once. Thanks for reminding me.

By the way, have you heard her NO FRILLS album this song comes from? Her version of "All I Need to Know" is amazing!