Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Campaign for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nomination for Ashley Tisdale in HSM3: Senior Year: The Promise

Ryan: "Sold out shows"
Sharpay: "Think bigger!"
Ryan: "And the Oscar goes to..."
Sharpay: "That's better!"
~Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Gabreel, "I Want It All"

So, my dear La Tisdale supporters, things didn't go exactly as planned when the Golden Globe nominations were announced earlier this week; no Best Supporting Actress nomination for our lovely goddess. Sad, I know, but we can't give up yet; we need to rise from the ashes like our beloved Sharpay and (effortlessly) steal back the spotlight from lesser talents who are getting in her way. How do I propose on doing this? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here's my next plan to get La Tisdale an Oscar nomination: I'm going to give oral sex to every member of the Academy who votes for her. Oh yes, I said it. I am not leaving this up to chance anymore; La Tisdale needs, no deserves, that Oscar nomination and I'm more than prepared in doing whatever it takes to get it for her. I don't care if you're Ernest Borgnine or Marion Cotillard- as long as I see the words "Ashley Tisdale" written on your ballot, you will get a lovely blow job from me. I really think Sharpay would get a kick out of this because there's nothing she wouldn't do in order to advance her career (although I'm sure she'd send Ryan to do it for her and I'm also sure that he'd be more than willing to oblige). According to Awards Daily, there are 1,243 members of acting branch of the Academy, so if I want to meet the January 12th deadline- the date when ballots are due- I'm going to need to get started soon. Alright, who's up first?


J.D. said...

You know I'd help with the initiative if I weren't underage (damn it).

Anonymous said...

Unleast Marion Cotillard is pretty and sweet instead the old and stupid Ernest Borgnire. ;)

Slayton said...

Me and You and Everyone We Know? I loved it? Why didn't you?

Dame James Henry said...

Why didn't I like M&Y&EWK? To me, it felt like the school project of an artist who didn't know anything about filmmaking and just decided one day to write about her crappy life and make a dreary indie film about it. The film felt too obvious with its metaphors- everytime it wanted to make a statement about something, July simply zoomed in on whatever it was she was trying to make important (her shoes, that paper with the colons and semi-colons that the boys drew on the computer). I completely hated the subplot with the underage girls and especially that oral sex scene (yes, because according to every indie movie, this is how ALL teenage girls act) and I didn't think that whole "pooping back and forth" IM between the little kid and the older woman was cute or funny in the slightest. I'd be really interested to hear why you liked it, though (maybe I missed something important, who knows?)

Anonymous said...


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