Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Top 50 Songs of 2008

Every year, this list keeps on getting bigger and better. I started with 10 in 2006 and worked my way up to 20 last year. This year there were so many fantastic songs that I just had to expand my list to 50 (and even then I couldn't include everything I wanted to!). The reason for this? In 2008, I expanded my taste beyond the crap that was being played on the radio here and, thanks to Glenn at Stale Popcorn and Popjustice, I started listening to music from the U.K. and Australia. Guess what? The music over there is amazing, 100 times better than most of the stuff being played repeatedly over here. I've discovered some pretty amazing artists and they figure heavily into this countdown and my upcoming Albums of the Year post. I hope you enjoy my list and get the opportunity to click on some of the links to discover some fresh new music today.

Runner-Ups: Pussycat Dolls "I Hate This Part"/Mariah Carey "Bye Bye"/Jesse McCartney "Leavin'"/Kanye West "Love Lockdown"

50. Jesse McCartney "It's Over"
49. Jordin Sparks "One Step at a Time"
48. Paula Abdul "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow"
For Paula fans only.
47. Danity Kane featuring Missy Elliott "Bad Girl"
I thought "Damaged" was just a fluke...
46. Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
45. Chris Brown/David Archuleta "With You"
I liked the Chris Brown version first, but then Davie Archuleta did his own rendition on American Idol this spring and I fell in love with it even more.
44. Ne-Yo "Closer"
43. Natasha Bedingfield "Pocketful of Sunshine"
42. Flo Rida featuring T-Pain "Low"
Sadly, this was the best rap song of the year. Come back, Missy and Eve; we desperately need you!
41. Gabriella Cilmi "Don't Wanna Go to Bed Now"

40. The Saturdays "If This Is Love"
39. Cyndi Lauper "Into the Nightlife"
38. O.A.R. "Shattered"
37. Britney Spears "Break the Ice"
36. Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland "4 Minutes"
My initial fanaticism has died down a bit (and there were better songs on Hard Candy) but I still think it's fantastic.
35. Sugababes "Girls"
If this is one of Sugababes lesser singles, imagine what they sound like at their best. It's mindblowing!
34. Rihanna "Take a Bow"
The first of three Rihanna songs.
33. The Saturdays "Up"
32. Same Difference "We R One"
Oh, you knew Sean and Sarah were coming...
31. The Killers "Human"
Not quite "Somebody Told Me" but I'll take it.

30. Duffy "Mercy"
29. Beyoncé "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)"
Crazy music video? Check. Beyoncé in all of her diva glory? Check. Flawless vocals? Check. Then why wasn't I Am...Sasha Fierce as good as this one track?
28. Jennifer Hudson "All Dressed in Love"
27. Kylie Minogue "The One"
26. Janet Jackson "Feedback"
As with Beyoncé, the only decent song on Miss Jackson, if you're Nasty's latest dud album. Where has our 80's queen gone?
25. Delta Goodrem "You Will Only Break My Heart"
24. Britney Spears "Womanizer"
Repetitious as hell, but you are lying if you say this song doesn't get stuck in your head after hearing it just a few times. Bonus points for her comeback music video, which made this already great song that much better.
23. Santogold "Lights Out"
22. Sam Sparro "21st Century Life"
21. Adele "Chasing Pavements"

20. Madonna "Miles Away"
Hypnotic; it's like you're listening in on Madonna's therapy session (and it makes it all the sadder that the song basically came true just months after the album's release).
19. Lady GaGa featuring Colby Odonis "Just Dance"
18. Rihanna "Don't Stop the Music"
17. Leona Lewis "Better in Time"
16. Sam Sparro "Black and Gold"
15. Kylie Minogue "In My Arms"
How does it feel in your arms, Kylie? Fan-fucking-tastic. This may be the one of the finest songs of her long career.
14. Estelle featuring Kanye West "American Boy"
13. Little Jackie "The World Should Revolve Around Me"
A song for divas around the world.
12. Robyn featuring Kleerup "With Every Heartbeat"
11. Miley Cyrus "See You Again"
Is "My best friend Leslie said, 'Oh, she's just being Miley'" the most genius lyric of this year? This decade? I think so.

10. Jennifer Hudson "Spotlight"
Can J. Hud sing every song ever? We all knew she could sing the shit out of ballads, but now she can add mid-tempo dance songs to her resumé. Now, all she needs is an album full of well-written songs like this one and she'll be taking over the world soon enough.
9. Pink "So What"
I love my Pink pissed off and out for revenge. She's my favorite divorcé this year.
8. Sneaky Sound System "Kansas City"
The best hook of the year: "Somebody in Kansas City loves me." The rest of the song is catchy as hell, too.
7. Michelle Williams "We Break the Dawn"
Forget Beyoncé- the former member of Destiny's Child who had the best year was third-wheel Michelle Williams. Not only was her album off the hook (the kids are still saying that, right?) but "We Break the Dawn" rivals some of Beyoncé's best solo work.
6. Duffy "Warwick Avenue"
"Mercy" may have been her breakthrough, but "Warwick Avenue" was the first proof that Duffy may be the finest singer/songwriter of her generation. When she sings, "You think you're loving, but you don't love me" it cuts right through me; I feel like I know exactly what message she's trying to get across through that one lyric.
5. David Archuleta "Crush"
"Crush" is so cheesy and 90's boy band-ish that I'm surprised Same Difference hasn't covered it already and yet little Davie Archuleta sells it like the true pro he is. I feel no shame in admitting that I spent a good portion of the summer listening to this song in my car and singing every word at the top of my lungs.
4. Danity Kane "Damaged"
"Can you fix my H-E-A-R-T, 'cause it's D-A-M-A-G-E-D?" Yes, Danity Kane, you did fix the whole in my heart left by PCD's disappointing seconds album.
3. Girls Aloud "The Promise"
Is it "Biology"? No, but no other song this year had me waiting so impatiently for its release and then when I finally heard it, the song didn't disappoint in the slightest. I swear to God I listened to it 20 times in a row the first day I heard it and it's currently the most played song on my iTunes.
2. Rihanna "Disturbia"
If you're not careful, "Disturbia" will creep up and consume you, that's how insanely catchy it is.
1. Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"
UK import Leona Lewis struck gold with "Bleeding Love" this year and it's, without a doubt, my favorite song of the year. I'm actually surprised that this song was so big because it's actually very dark and moody. Leona's vocals are absolutely enchanting and you spend the whole song waiting in anticipation for whatever is going to come out of her mouth. The best news of all is that Leona Lewis isn't a one-hit wonder; both "Better in Time" and "Run" proved that she has the talent to stick around for a long time.


Slayton said...

So... pop!

Dame James Henry said...

lol Yeah, I know. It is my favorite style of music and I'm not ashamed (well, at least not anymore). I should probably expand my horizons more. That will be my New Year's Resolution.

Vance said...

I was already planning to sing Crush and Leavin at Karaoke with my friends this weekend. Woo!!

Ooh. Feedback and The Hud's Spotlight... Maybe I should have expanded my list.

nick plowman said...

I love this list, seriously. If I had the energy to do something like this, I am sure our lists would be pretty similar overall.

J.D. said...

Sigh, L'Archuleta.

Slayton said...

I'm just glad that Katy Perry's not on there.