Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fuck You, Golden Globes

How can you say no to this...

...but yes to this?


Sorry, I had to let out my Joan Crawford inner-angst there for a second. Minus the above nomination for this grossly overrated and unfunny performance (Tom Cruise in a fat suit, dancing to Ludacris...that's hilarious! Fucking gag me with a spoon), the nominations weren't too bad. In Bruges, aka the best movie of the year so far, picked up three (3!) nominations for Best Picture (M/C) and for Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson for Best Actor. Brilliant! James Franco also got a nom for Pineapple Express, which is possibly the funniest performance of the year. And RDJ, man. It would make me so happy if he could ride this Tropic Thunder momentum all the way to an Oscar nomination.


J.D. said...


Vance said...

lol. oh come on. Fat suits are ALWAYS funny! :P

Anonymous said...

YES about WTF Tom Cruise's nomination? He ruined the film. I prefer Josh brolin, james Franco (unleast he's nomianted), Dev patel or Michael Shannon instead him.

But Zac Efron??!! He would be worse as Cruise, in my opinion. For me, the fifth spot is for Paul Rudd, one of the most underrated comedians in these days. Funny, smart, hot and sweet. Or what about the excellent Jeffrey Wright in Cadillac Records? He received raves