Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HSM4 Casting in a Perfect World

We all know that HSM4 is a given, right? No matter how much we protest the fact that they'll continue the East High legacy without Troy, Sharpay, Ryan and the rest of the original cast, it's going to happen and we need to accept it. With the cast they introduced in HSM3, which includes The Rocketman (whom a lot of people can't stand), Tiara (whom I can't stand) and The Rocketman's little friend who looks like he's 8 (seriously, did I really need to see him without a shirt on longer than I saw Zac Efron's naked torso?), I totally understand why no one is excited for this film. This afternoon, however, I totally thought of the perfect way to make HSM4 less excruciating and maybe even slightly enjoyable while banking on the talents of a up-and-coming pop act who could use the exposure to make their big American crossover. Who am I talking about?

Why, SAME DIFFERENCE, of course!

Seriously, can't you just imagine how amazing this would be? Sean and Sarah can be Tiara's school mates from the London Dramatic Academy who transfer to East High when they hear how great their dramatic department is (minor detail...doesn't matter in the HSM movies). Since she was so amazing at that school (according to the film anyways; in real life, we all can see that she sucks major balls) she didn't even pay attention to these up-and-comers, but now that they're invading on her newly claimed turf, she's scared for her position. Imagine her (and everyone in the drama department's) surprise when they turn out to be the sweetest people imaginable and would never do anything to backstab anyone. This, of course, makes Tiara nervous and she sabotages their audition to make sure she (and The Rocketman, of course) gets the lead. When everyone finds out, they turn against Tiara and really start to get along with Sean and Sarah. Pretty soon, the entire school is even happier and more optimistic before and the choreographed routines in the hallways are all done with psychotic grins on their faces and tons of glitter. Eventually, of course, Tiara learns her lesson and shares her lead with Sarah on alternating nights or something and then comes the "We're All in This Together"-esque song that's pretty much a given in these films. There also has to be a moment where La Tisdale, during her cameo pretty much obligated by the ending of HSM3, sees Sean and Sarah rehearsing and says something along the lines of, "Jesus...and people thought Ryan and I were fucked up."

So, if anyone who works for Disney is reading this and is trying to come up with a way to retain the audience from the original HSM trilogy, all you have to do is put in Same Difference and I can guarantee that you will get more people than with just Tiara and The Rocketman. And because I love my loyal readers so much, here's a special Same Difference clip just in time for the holiday season:


Vance said...

YOU hated Tiara?

Who DIDN'T HATE Tiara?

Anyways, thanks to you, I've been listening to Same Difference non-stop. I'm blaming you.

Dame James Henry said...

Okay, sorry. I was channeling my inner-Tyra and making everything about me and no one else. To everyone out there who hated Tiara as well: Sorry. It just seemed like no one was complaining as much about her as they were about The Rocketman, whom I didn't mind that much.

As for the last part...you're welcome!

Vera said...

Sarah scares me. Seriously. She doesn't look perky, she looks deranged.

r.o.a.d. fan said...

This happened to an earlier generation when Grease 2 came out with a different cast than the original. We all ignored it. Who knew it would produce Michelle Pfeiffer?