Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Equation of the Night

Robert Buckley, resident hottie of NBC's Lipstick Jungle, but more well known (at least to me) as that hot guy who is always shirtless in the tabloids


Privileged, the only new show this season that I've bothered sticking with. Seriously, everyone needs to go out and see this show whenever they can. On the surface, Privileged is a delightful little comedy about spoiled rich girls, but, somewhat sneakily, the show tackles some fascinating topics (unique family relationships, class tensions) that other shows won't touch with a ten-foot pole.


Quite a splendid way to spend an hour!


Vance said...

Seriously, can you imagine the hotness from that hour if they had kept Charlie on the show?

Michael Parsons said...

Wow. He has a package indeed

Samantha said...

check out what's going on in that guy's shorts......tee hee ;p

Slayton said...

What is he hiding there?