Monday, February 9, 2009

Life Got Cold

I am truly sorry that I haven't been with you in the past few days. This little thing called the real world has seriously been raping me in the ass interfering in my blogging. In the past week, I've been dealing with never ending school work, money problems, a career fair that I've been dreading for a long while, the daunting prospect of finding a summer internship, a sick grandma and a father who has just been diagnosed with diabetes while his hours have just been cut at his job. Seriously, when I called my mother on Saturday, the only good news she had was that she got a whole bunch of prescriptions for under $10. You know times are tough when that's the most exciting part of your week.

As if that wasn't tough enough, I have more bad news: I'm going to be out of commission for another couple of days. I have two exams in the next two days and I'll be spending all of my free time studying or pretending to study, so that means no new posts until Wednesday. Blurg. But, hopefully when I come back, I'll have a review of Arnaud Desplachin's mindblowingly amazing A Christmas Tale for you to read. Cross your fingers!

While I'm gone, here are a couple pictures of Gossip Girl hotties Leighton "Where is this girl's Emmy?" Meester and Penn "Give me a proper storyline, please and thank you" Badgley that I have been drooling over for the past couple of days. Enjoy!

Leighton photos from L-Meester
Penn photos from Penn Badgley Fan


J.D. said...

This is probably one of my favorite posts of the year already, dude.

nick plowman said...

Yes, I've been busy too and somehow missed this most gorgeous post. Like I said, epically gorgeous hotties. Gorgeous, talented hotties. *swoon*