Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kathy Griffin is a Mad Genius

With her hilarious cameo on last night's season finale of Privileged, Kathy Griffin has pretty much secured herself an Emmy nomination for Best Guest Star (Comedy). This just proves that she's always thinking of ways to get awards. Way to go, diva!


mB said...

I don't know, don't the Emmys hate on the CW? When was the last time they secured an above the line nomination?

Though if anyone can do it, Ms Griffith can - she will be battling pretty much EVERYONE who's been on 30 Rock's an uphill battle ;-)

Dame James Henry said...

The Emmy's do have a bias against The CW, but two-time Emmy Award-winner Kathy Griffin is on a roll with this group. Hell, she's practically the equivalent of Clint Eastwood at the Oscars. But, yeah, good call on the tough competition from 30 Rock (oh dear, how will I ever decide between Kathy and Oprah?!)

Michael Parsons said...

I wish I got her show. She really does make me laugh.
And she is married to a money man. Cool beans or what