Friday, October 16, 2009

I Don't Think They Can Handle This

With all the news of Leona Lewis getting punched in the face and Taylor Lautner showing off his abs again, this little tidbit passed through the interweb with hardly a mention anywhere. Yes, you read that right: BEYONCÉ AND LADY GAGA ARE GOING TO BE IN A MUSIC VIDEO TOGETHER.

Let me give you a second to digest that.

Ready? Okay. Let's stop and consider just how amazing this video could be. Done correctly, it could be more epic than 'Single Ladies' and 'Paparazzi' put together. Not only are they incomparable musical talents with larger-than-life celebrity personas, but they are two of the few artists around these days who actually understand the purpose of the music video. Instead of wasting numerous videos just dancing in a superbly lit club with their girls, they both take chances by building up their mystique with off-the-wall set pieces, crazy outfits and highly charged choreography. Beyoncé has been embracing this lunacy ever since 'Ring the Alarm' and she has wisely built on it with both the Video of the Year-winning 'Single Ladies' and the reality-bending 'Sweet Dreams' (that gold corset/robot scene creeps me out every damn time). I wasn't a big fan of Lady GaGa's 'Poker Face' clip, but I will admit that her attempt to seduce the gay audience to instantly fall in love with her worked. And 'Paparazzi'...well, I think the video speaks for itself. If these ladies can do this much on their own, imagine what they can do together, joining forces to fight the good fight for well-made music videos.

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