Thursday, February 15, 2007

Top 10 Songs of 2006- #5

#5- Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten"
I actually first heard this song being sung by one of the loser girls on last season’s “American Idol”. I was immediately intrigued by the song (not the chick singing it) and was eternally grateful when they started playing it on the radio. I didn’t even complain when they played it all the time over the summer. The song is just that damn good that you can hear it over and over again without growing sick of it.

What I really enjoy about “Unwritten” are the dead-on lyrics. They perfectly capture what I’m thinking and feeling at this stage in my life (off to college, unsure about my future, maturing into adulthood) without becoming sappy or preachy. Bedingfeld is smart by turning these words into the perfect pop song instead of a dumb, mid-tempo ballad that becomes a filler on her CD. Plus, there's a huge choir that sings the chorus once and that always gets me (i.e. Madonna's "Like a Prayer").

Since hearing this song, I’ve also had the fortune of hearing “These Words (I Love You, I Love You)” and realized that she has a knack for turning cliché into fresh. Bravo, Ms. Bedingfeld, bravo.

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