Monday, February 19, 2007

Top 20 Madonna Songs

I am in a very Madonna mood today, so I thought I would share my 20 favorite Madonna songs. They are all amazing (duh) and if you haven't heard any of them, go and listen to them as soon as possible.

20. “Secret” (Bedtime Stories)
19. “Human Nature” (Bedtime Stories)
18. “Music” (Music)
17. “Pretender” (Like a Virgin)
16. “Express Yourself” (Like a Prayer)
15. “American Life” (American Life)
14. “Papa Don’t Preach” (True Blue)
13. “Lucky Star” (Madonna)
12. “Material Girl” (Like a Virgin)
11. “Open Your Heart” (True Blue)
10. “Borderline” (Madonna)
9. “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” (Evita Soundtrack)
8. “Don’t Tell Me” (Music)
7. “Live to Tell” (True Blue)
6. “Hung Up” (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
5. “Ray of Light” (Ray of Light)
4. “Vogue” (I'm Breathless)
3. “Take a Bow” (Bedtime Stories)
2. “Like a Virgin” (Like a Virgin)
1. “Like a Prayer” (Like a Prayer)

Feel free to pan one of my picks, praise one of them and come up with your own in the comments!


Laura said...

I can't believe you put Take A Bow up there. Ugh.
That said, Vogue should be 3, you should move up Lucky Star and Borderline, and take American Life the hell off there. SHE RAPS IN IT JAMES. That should have been a red flag ;)

Nate Cooper said...

I would have preferred Bedtime Story over Take a Bow, Nothing Fails/Love Profusion over American Life, and Frozen over Ray of Light.