Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So Now Paris and Lindsay Are Friends Again???

So what in the hell is happening? This afternoon I learn from reliable sources that La Lohan and Paris "Fart in a Mitten" Hilton were out partying up last night after Ms. Lohan escaped from rehab again. But wait a minute. Wasn't it just like a month ago where these two absolutely HATED each other? I seem to recall an incident where La Lohan tried to talk to Paris at a couple and Ms. Hilton pretty much laughed in her face (Isn't it really sad when you're too much of a drugged-out whore to hang out with Paris Hilton?). Then La Lohan responded by blasting K. Fed music out of her car to piss off Paris, who was friends with Britney back in those days. I remember that all of these vicious things that were said and done only about a month ago. So why now they're clubbing together like the best friends Paris used to be with Nicole Richie and Britney? I guess rehab really does help you heal all inner wounds.

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Stephan said...

Lindsay makes me wanna go to rehab.