Friday, February 8, 2008

Random Scribblings on High School Musical

I'm not going to say that I love High School Musical, because I don't...they really are piles of crap. But, I'm not going to deny that I spend way too much time thinking about them. For example, look at a couple of hours ago when one of my friends said, "You're crazy!" and I actually thought about the scene in HSM2 where Gabriella and Troy are at the pool and he jumps in, to which she replies, "You're crazy, Wildcat!"

I need help. Britney style.

The only reason I bring this up is because A) I'm super pumped for the upcoming HSM3, which is going to be released in theaters! My friend Jill and I (who also got sucked into the juggernaut) have already made plans to go see it together so we can relish the divaliciousness of La Tisdale's Sharpay, make fun of Vanessa Hudgens and the (most likely) horrible songs and dancing, hope that Ryan comes out of the closet and admire Zac Efron. B) I was looking through my notebook and I found some random notes I took during my initial viewing of the first HSM this summer. Like I said, they're really random and I'm not even sure what some of them are alluding to at certain points, but they're pretty fun and I hope you enjoy:

~Gabriella is a nerd. Troy is a jock. Crystal clear.
~V.A. Hudgens voice is so nasally.

~Now Zac Efron is going to jerk off to her picture on his phone.
~Omg, they go to the same school!
~Why does the black kid have a basketball in class?
~God that teacher [Mrs. Darbus] is a monster bitch.

~Don't want his friends to think he's gay [For trying out for the school musical. Because that's for pussies.]
~I'm guessing Sharpay is East High's Regina George.
~I seriously doubt Zac Efron is in the same league as Shaq.
~Troy: "Sharpay is cute." Black Kid [don't remember his name and not really integral to the plot]: "So is a mountain lion, but you don't pet it."- What?!
~Wow, "Get'cha Head in the Game" is very post-modern. [This was right after my History of Broadway class, so I was still thinking in terms like that. FYI, post-modern refers to musicals that have songs that are directly tied to the plot and are usually centered on characters thoughts. Sondheim is an example.]
~Troy is very confused. You can tell by his subtle look. [sarcasm]
~Troy had basketball practice in the middle of school?

~"The list is life": Sharpay and Ryan are way too obsessive about people looking at that damn list.
~Recurring motif: One-ness between two opposite groups (Drama/basketball, Gabriella/Troy) [This is just me being an asshole. Sorry.]
~What high school has an auto shop anymore? This isn't Grease.
~Darbus is harsh? Jesus, she's practically Paula.
~Wow, Sharpay is a scenery shredder [And how]
~Omg, secret love note locker [I really took on the personality of a 13 year old girl here. I've used "Omg" and "Wow" to start off sentences waaaaay too often]
~V.A. Hudgens can not act. At all.
~Who knew one high school musical could open such a shit storm of untapped emotions.
~Omg, secret plan! [There I go again]

~This is a lame secret plan.
~Wait, now it gets better.
~I guess.
~A pep rally with a musical number? That's amazing.
~Oh God, V.A. Hudgens has a solo [Why, God, why?]
~Sure they can sing (sort of) but can Gabriella and Troy act? That's also important in a musical.
~Shapray and Ryan would be much more believable (and less creepy) if they were gay guy/fag hag and not brother and sister.
~Why are Sharpay and Ryan speaking Spanish during "Bop to the Top"? It's not a Spanish song.
~Notice that Sharpay is in the front during the last song ("We're All in This Together") [God I love that woman]


J.D. said...

Genius. Utter genius.

I think I need to go into rehab for my idiotic and paradoxal love of the first one. I can't tell up from left anymore!

TelevisionVictim said...

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babycakes005 said...

I love hsm but i agree with the Vanessa Hudgens has a crap voice