Sunday, February 24, 2008

Supporting Actress Smackdown: 2007 Edition

If today is sort of like Christmas, than this morning we should get a special present. And that present is StinkyLulu's 2007 Supporting Actress Smackdown. Yours truly was asked to participate and since I had seen all of the nominees, I gladly obliged. As always, I had a ton of fun doing it and am super anxious to read everyone's quips and snarky comments.

This year's race has surprisingly been a wide open one, with four of the five nominees still duking it out to the last minute. And each of them have a particular advantage over the other's that can't be ignored: Ruby Dee has the sympathy and career vote for a lifetime of ignorance (and the SAG award); Cate Blanchett has the biopic thing going on (and the Golden Globe); Amy Ryan has the horrible mom role (and a near sweep of the main critics groups); and Tilda Swinton has the your-film-won't-win-anywhere-else-so-let's-
vote-for-her factor (and the BAFTA).
It's a tough call, but I think Dee with sneak ahead. But if I had to pick a personal favorite it would be.... Oh Tilda. Why are you so amazing? If you want to see how much I love Tilda, who is the weakest of the nominees and my basic rantings on all of the nominees then head on over to the Smackdown now.

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