Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can Leighton Meester Do It All? I Think So

Leighton Meester, best known as the manipulative, scheming and all-around fabulous Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, is hoping to become a pop star. What separates her from other actors-turned-singers, other than the fact that she's the most consistently amazing actress on TV right now, is that she has legitimate musical talent. She's no belter like Mariah or Leona, but she has an indescribably modern edge to her sound and is definitely avoiding the tendency to go "bubblegum" pop on us. I first heard her sing a cover of "Bette Davis Eyes" a few months ago and was completely blown away. I was not expecting that voice to come out of my Leighton at all. Now, another cover has made it's way onto the internet, this time indie band Awesome New Republic's "Birthday." I've never heard the original, but Leighton's version is absoultely EPIC. God, I really hope she gets the chance to make a CD because, based on the strength of these songs, it could be an amazing pop record.

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