Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Recap: Top 8 Edition

Theme: Songs from the year you were born in...another Idol classic

Really ecstatic

Allison Iraheta "I Can't Make You Love Me" Okay, I will admit that I audibly groaned when I heard this song choice (Ugh, haven't we heard this song- good and bad- a million times before?) but Allison completely rocked it in her usual way. Why oh why does America keep voting her in the bottom after performances as strong as this one? They can't honestly believe she's worse than half of the other paltry contestants.

Paula Clap

Quite good

Matt Giraud "Part-Time Lover" Once I heard he was doing a Stevie Wonder song, I immediately figured that Randy would wildly exclaim, as he's prone to do in situations like this, that you should never, ever mess with a song done by someone as idiosyncratic as Stevie Wonder. I guess we were all surprised because Matt nailed it, making me forget that Stevie had ever done the original, and Randy actually liked it.

Kris Allen "All She Wants to Do is Dance" Okay, so it obviously wasn't his strongest performance to date, but the judges were way too harsh on him. "Indulgent"? Really, Mr. Cowell? What was indulgent about this performance that wasn't about more than half of Adam Lambert's? Or Danny Gokey's?

Dancing in My Seat

No one ever said it took much to get Paula on her feet

Adam Lambert "Mad World" Well, at least it wasn't the Godawful shrieking mess that we've come to expect from Adam. Unfortunately, this week's performance was boring to the point of tedium. Sigh. The fact that all of the judges- even Simon!- went completely apeshit for it is further proof that Adam could literally bring out the phonebook, sing it and still win this damn thing.

"Well, You Look Beautiful..."

It's never good when she starts with this

Anoop "True Colors" Paula's totally loopy and slightly expected comment about Anoop being "beautiful like all the colors of the rainbow" (or something like that) was a million times better than this yawn of a performance. Why do the judges keep complimenting him on these dreadful ballads?

Danny Gokey "Stand By Me" Given the chance to sing any song from 1980 that he wanted, it would figure that Danny "I'm a complete square" Gokey would pick one that was made popular 25 years before. There was absolutely nothing noteworthy about this performance; it's exactly what you would expect from Danny every single week. Lame. Give me some excitement please.

Lil Rounds "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Absolutely dreadful. This woman obviously
doesn't have what it takes and I'm actually glad that the judges are admitting it and not covering it up with stupid compliments (*cough*Blind guy*cough*).

Scott MacIntyre "The Search is Over" At one point during this painful experience Scott called a performance, I touched my ear and blood literally came out. Please, America, make it end.

Who Should Go Home: For the love of God, please send Scott home.
Who Will Go Home: I'm guessing Lil since America really hates the girls this season.


RJ said...

I REALLY liked Lambert, this week. What can I say? Still, I'm not sure I would give ANY ONE a touch down this week.

I'm glad we agree that this week was pretty blah.

Vance said...

So do you think they're ever going to sing songs from... oh... let's say the last 5 years? Even 10 years?

Nick Plowman said...

Blurg. Yeah, it wasn't Kris's best performance so far, but after last week's really high point, it's not that surprising. I still thought it was good, the judges must be on crack for barely seeing how self indulgent other contestants have and continue to be, and then criticize Mr. Modest and Unassuming himself the one time he lets loose a bit. Hopefully next week he can sing a song that cannot be interpreted in any way as being dedicated to his wife, and he’ll blow us all away.

Allison was mind-blowingly good. Like, omg. Amazing, completely loved it. Best of the night by a longshot.

As for everyone else, I still find Lambert (who gets to be Kris’s roommate? No fair) and his voice creepy - although he gave a fine performance, and Matt Giraud was not bad either.

If someone could get Scott (whose "scrobble" on last.fm I deleted, what an awful song) and Danny to shut up and/or die, I'd be pretty thrilled.

Paula loves stealing the show. As far as the judges being on crack goes, I'm glad she rarely shares - crazy only looks good on her. Saying that in a nice way of course. How boring things would be without her.

Hope next week things pick up a bit.