Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Better Love Me

Sad news, Same Difference fans! According to Popjustice, the eternally cheerful brother and sister act has been dumped by their label after their single "We R One" and album (one of the ten best of 2008) both apparently didn't meet their expectations. First of all, on a personal front, this is very upsetting. I know they weren't meant for everyone, but their limitless amount of energy and optimism and insanely catchy/cheesy pop tunes were a much needed outlet during these past few months of recession talk and family medical problems. Secondly, I'm upset that their record label gave them such a small amount of time to really prove their worth. We all hear about artists like Britney Spears and Lady GaGa hitting it big with their first singles, but for every one of them, there are 30 artists who need time to grow and catch on with the public before they can get their first big hit. Sadly, Same Difference wasn't given that chance. Hopefully, this will give our beloved Sean and Sarah a new opportunity to find a label that trusts them and will take the time to grow with them. I have faith that once they find the perfect behind their kid-friendly, bubble gum persona and epic, Xenomania-style pop music that is burning the charts in the UK, Same Difference will be unstoppable.

On the plus side of this news, this now means that they are totally available for High School Musical 4. Can someone please get on this now, especially since the producers have decided to ditch The Rocketman and Tiara?

And, finally, what is a Same Difference post without a picture of Sarah looking absolutely psychotic.

You're welcome.

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