Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm in Love With Duffy!

Duffy is unknown in America right now but after her debut album Rockferry is released here next week, that should all change. After hearing and falling in love with "Mercy," her breakthrough single in the United Kingdom, I downloaded her album and I immediately fell in love. Her sound is so fresh and unlike anything out right now. If you think Amy Winehouse has a patent on the retro 60's sound, think again. Besides "Mercy" (which you can listen to above), the highlights of the CD are "Delayed Devotion" (which is the finest song I've heard all year, single or not) and her latest single "Warwick Avenue." Whenever you get the chance, listen to this CD and you will not be disappointed.

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DL said...

I'm totally in love with her too. Can't wait to go out and buy her album as soon as it comes out here (even though I've downloaded all the tracks already.) Best song, for me, is a toss-up between "Hanging On Too Long", "I'm Scared" and "Warwick Avenue". "Mercy", funnily enough, is my least favourite.