Saturday, May 3, 2008


Watching 30 Rock on Thursday night I realized two things. First of all, Jane Krakowski needs to be on every episode doing her thing. Seriously. Secondly, I have more in common with Liz Lemon than I ever thought possible or even want to admit. I first realized this when they showed Liz flipping out, turning the writers' table over and shouting "Where's my mac and cheese?!" This part was so funny to me I rewound it about five times and laughed my ass off each time. Tina Fey was so intense during those few seconds that I was afraid she would turn into Dame Judi Dench and cut a bitch for her mac and cheese. The second time came when Liz was talking with her ex-boyfriend Floyd and he had just compared himself to Michael Clayton. Frustrated with him, Liz blurts out "I hope your car gets blown up!" but then takes it back later in the episode. The scary thing about this little blurb is that I can totally see myself coming up with some horrible circumstance in a popular film and wishing it upon them ("I hope a crazed psychopath chases you with a compressed air tank!"). Oh Tina Fey, you are just too much for me sometimes. If only everyone was as brilliant as you are.

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