Friday, May 16, 2008

Five Song Friday: Possible Song Choices for David Archuleta for AI Finale

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I'm rooting for little Davie Archuleta in next week's finale of American Idol. I think David Cook is fantastic, but Archuleta is just so irresistible. To help him out, I've compiled a list of 5 songs he should pick from to sing at the finale. He and David Cook are only allowed to sing 3 songs and 2 of them are already taken up with the crappy original ballad and their best song from the season (which can safely be assumed will be "Imagine"). If he picks one of these songs and arranges it correctly, Archuleta could have this whole season wrapped up in a heartbeat.

Amy Winehouse "Love is a Losing Game"

I know I've already pimped this song out a couple of weeks ago, but it's just so damn beautiful and Archuleta definitely knows how to work with that. The only downside is that Simon might complain about him singing another dreary ballad.

Jessica Simpson "I Think I'm In Love With You"

This is an admittedly silly choice, but I love the song and just imagine what Archuleta could do with that big note towards the end. Not only is this something different, but it could be magical.

Zac Efron "It Takes Two"

I'm afraid "Ladies' Choice" is a bit too sexual for little Davie, so this song from Hairspray will have to do. Efron does a fine job on this song, but just imagine the depth Archuleta could add to they lyrics (he might even make it sound non-jokey).

The Beatles "Penny Lane"

Ever since Beatles week(s), I've been hoping Archuleta would pull out this number and sing the hell out of it. Why not this week?

Mandy Moore "Umbrella"

A lot of people have taken the Rihanna song and slowed it down, but I happen to love Moore's version the best. Since we now know that little Davie loves to sing r&b songs after last week's swoon-worthy "With You," he'll really tackle those lyrics and make it even more beautiful.

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