Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's My Day!

For your information, today is my 20th birthday. Yay for me! I'm super pumped because I'm going out to the Chinese buffet and stuffing my face with egg rolls and Chinese donuts with a couple of my dearest friends and then having a bonfire (weather permitting, of course). So, my divalicious readers, if you could get me anything in the world for my birthday, what would you get me? Let me know in the comments!


J.D. said...

Happy Birthday James!

Hmmm... how about a fixed mud wrestling showdown between Ashley and Vanessa in which the untalented whore gets her head blown up by Ashley's supreme diva mind powers, while Zac gives you a lap dance?

Sound good?

goatdog said...

What would I get you? That's obvious, silly: anything you want!

20, huh? To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, you make me feel so old, you make me feel like I'm covered in mold...

StinkyLulu said...

two ewe

(I'll get you whatever goatdog fergits.)