Saturday, May 17, 2008

J. Hud's New Music (and Fergie Too!)

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has a role in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, her first time on screens since Dreamgirls. Perhaps more importantly, she has a new original song on the soundtrack and it's fabulous (though you wouldn't expect anything less from her). The song is called "All Dressed in Love" and it is a ton of fun. The song is funky and J. Hud's vocals are immaculate, proving she can do up-tempo songs and that she can excel on non-Dreamgirls songs. If her upcoming debut album is anywhere near as good as "All Dressed in Love," there will be no stopping this woman.

Fergie also has a new song on the Sex and the City soundtrack called "Labels or Love." I don't love it as much as "Fergalicious" yet, but it does offer a new Fergie catchphrase: supercalifragi-sexy. How does this woman keep doing it? Even with the most awful lyrics, Fergie can turn any song into a masterpiece of pop trash. She's like Jesus.

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