Friday, November 7, 2008

The Campaign for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nomination for Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Review Headquarters

Ryan: "Sold out shows"
Sharpay: "Think bigger"
Ryan: "And the Oscar goes to..."
Sharpay: "That's better!"
~Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Gabreel, "I Want It All"

The reviews are pouring in for High School Musical 3: Senior Year (out tomorrow, in case you haven't heard) and they're predictably all over the place. It currently sits at surprisingly fresh 63% at Rotten Tomatoes, although that hardly matters because this juggernaut will make an assload of money no matter what. My primary concern, however, with these reviews is good press for my beloved La Tisdale and a strong start for her campaign for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. We all know that an Oscar campaign needs to start with some positive feedback from the critics, so I've decided to gather all the raves I could find and put them together on one page. And, bloggers of the world, when you write your review of HSM3 (and I know you'll have something to say one way or another) and you mention just how fabulous La Tisdale is in this film, either email me or I'll come find you and I'll link you here. We need all the support we can get for our glorious cause!

Thursday, 10/23: Okay, so we only have 4 mentions so far, but it's early yet and I know that we'll get more once the "regular" folk see the film (starting tomorrow, yay!).
Friday, 10/24: We have one more from a lovely reviewer in the UK!
Sunday, 10/26: While I'm heading out to finally see the damn thing in a couple of hours (yay!), here are three more mentions, plus a very complimentary one from Marcy in her review of HSM3. Thanks!
Wednesday, 10/29: I've seen two more La Tisdale mentions in the past couple of days, plus my own, so I've added the accordingly. Remember, it's never too late to spread the love for our beloved La Tisdale. I'll be updating this constantly!
Friday, 11/7: I can't believe I forgot to add Nick's ecstatic mention of La Tisdale! Sorry about that! Now it's up for everyone to enjoy.

"And the Oscar goes to…the star of this show, born and bred, La Tisdale, she knows it and she owns it. It takes a whole lot of skill to make what is essentially a villainous biatch into someone who you can’t help but root for no matter what. She brings her character to life without even opening her mouth, but when she does, you are seduced by her relentless enchantment, her bold and brassy effervescence and her epic brilliance."
~Nick Plowman, Fataculture

"There is no arguing that Sharpay is a stereotypical villain, but Tisdale constantly makes Sharpay something more. Sharpay's grand entrance into a typical East High morning contains as much unspoken drama as the character herself. But Tisdale's moment of glory is in the face of defeat. The audience wants to see Sharpay get back up again and when she does, we cheer for her--thanks to Tisdale--because she is every bit as vulnerable and human as the rest of us."
~Marcy, Because I Saw the Film

So while we get more of Zac's pretty eyes, it prevents more time for the fabulous Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans...Hey, now that this is one the big screen, does this mean Ashley Tisdale is eligible for an Oscar?"
~Vance, Tapeworthy

...but seriously... not enough of La Tisdale! As HSM2 proved, she can hold the entire movie together. In HSM3 she has great scene-stealing moments (her entrance with her FABULUS car, her "single spotlight" moment and of course her crashing down on Brit-clone's Sharpay's number at the end) and what she doesn't get in script she makes up for in facial expressions and overall attitude. Oh to be Sharpay: never to be outdone, outwitted or outdressed!"
~mB, A Blog Next Door

"I could go on for days about how much I loved La Tisdale here. She proves, without a doubt, that she is infinitely worthy of that Oscar nomination that I keep pushing for her...she sparkles the entire film--from her divalicious entrance to her final curtain call--even when HSM3 keeps pushing for Troy and Gabriella to be the main focus. Relegated to the background, La Tisdale does her best work, rolling her eyes like she's been taking lessons from Michelle Pfeiffer and turning such minor quips as "Genius" when Ms. Darbus announces the name of the spring musical or her sarcastic "Yipee!" when the Wildcats decide to join the musical into perfect bon mots worthy of Margo Channing...we realize that La Tisdale's Sharpay is sort of like Scarlett O'Hara in that nothing will ever keep her down and we want to see her succeed, no matter how wicked her ways are. It's due to La Tisdale's epic performance that Sharpay stands out as more than just an annoying bitch stereotype and always comes out looking like the high priestess of the theatre that we've all seen in real life but that we can still, against all odds, still root for in the end."
~Dame James Henry, Rants of a Diva

"...the breakout star is Ashley Tisdale, whose Sharpay makes narcissism a goofy, bedazzled pleasure."

~Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"...Ashley Tisdale, a lone standout as the mildly mean girl Sharpay..."
~Ella Taylor, L.A. Weekly

"Tisdale makes a meal of her spoiled-fashionista role..."
~Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"...Ashley Tisdale, having fun as always."
~Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

"'s up to Ashley Tisdale as the uber-bitch Sharpay to provide light comic relief, which she does with good humour and great timing."
~Wendy Idle, Times

"In terms of pure razzle dazzle, though, it's Tisdale and Gabreel who stand out."
~Carla Meyer, Sacramento Bee

"Tisdale is the better singer [than Hudgens], but she gets fewer songs."
~Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

"The comedy standouts are Tisdale and Gabreel..."
~Betty Jo Tucker, ReelTalk Movie Reviews


Michael Parsons said...

I love the fact you are trying for this! However if she is nominated I will have to see the film. I have never seem any of them thus far, and can I appreciate High School Musical 3 if I have not seen 1 and 2?

Dame James Henry said...

I believe that you can appreciate the film (and La Tisdale's performance) since, apparently from the reviews I'm reading, the plot is exactly the same as the first two. Hence, there shouldn't be any confusion. But you must see the first two whenever you get the chance!

r.o.a.d. fan said...

love that you used the word "assload" in this posting... lol!