Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks for Dropping By!

David Archuleta really likes you!

And Nick Jonas sure is excited to see you as well!

Thanks for sticking around everyone! I know posting has been light over here all week, but I'm a little burnt out from school and family obligations (it is Thanksgiving break, after all) and I just needed a little time to catch my breath. I'm a little more refreshed now and ready to get going again, maybe not 100%, but enough until I can get through the next two weeks trapped in exam hell. Pray to Oprah for me (or whichever deity you worship, whether Laura Linney, Jane Fonda or Tina Fey) and I'll be back to full strength.

(Pictures via Just Jared)


mB said...

"Tina, can you hear me? Take care of James during exam period okay? And also take care of teachers like me who'll be grading said exams from our burn-out students! Thanks!" ;-)

J.D. said...

May Wendy Savage be with you through these rough times, James. (So having someone that neurotic near you may remind you that whatever you're going through isn't so big.)

Sigh, Archie.

Dame James Henry said...

mB: In my own Tyra-esque, self-centeredness, I completely forgot that finals week is almost nearly as bad for the professors as it is for the students. May Tina be with us both. Blurg.

J.D.: Having Wendy and her neurotic tics would either be fantastic or I would spend all my time dealing with her and her problems and not get any studying done. It's really a coin toss.