Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Don't Know, Where to Go, What's the Right Link?

Rural Juror gets political for a moment about Proposition 8, the California proposition on the ballot that wants to ban gay marriage in the state. If you're a traitor, then so am I!

Defamer has pictures from the Zac Efron shower scene that was cut from High School Musical 3: Senior Year. This better be on the DVD or I am going to throw a bitch fit.

A Blog Next Door hates The Rocketman in HSM3. I didn't find him as annoying as most people did, but I can see why people were annoyed with him. I was more offended by Tiara and the fact that Disney thinks she's a worthy replacement for La Tisdale. Are you serious? Did you listen to her "sing" during her musical numer? I'd rather listen to Vanessa Hudgens.

Fataculture links up to the brand new The Reader trailer. Despite all of the controversy surrounding it (the deaths of producers Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella, the epic battle between Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin and Rudin's eventual departure from the project), the trailer doesn't look too shabby, although I'm concerned that it looks a little bit like The Hours 2, with its pretty cinematography and cross-cutting across different time periods.

Vera's Big Gay Blog finds this picture (and about 10 more) of British actors Aaron Johnson and Ben Smith having a good time. I have no idea who these two are, but, for some odd reason, I find this picture really hot. I guess I'm a little kinky, what can I say?

Stale Popcorn hates people, but loves Sally Hawkins and Happy-Go-Lucky.

Valley Dreamin' is having a Zacgasm. My friend totally had one during the "Scream" number last night.

and I have a friendly argument over Miranda Richardson in Louis Malle's Damage in the comments. I still can't believe she was nominated for this and not The Crying Game in 1992.

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