Monday, April 16, 2007

5 Great Things About "Flavor of Love: Charm School"

I've been excited for the idea of Charm School ever since I heard about it months ago. I mean what is better than the trashiest women on reality TV competing to become the classiest? I know VH1 is exploiting these women like no other, but I will watch anything they put these amazing ladies in. With that being said, the series premiere did not disappoint and I have a feeling this could be my favorite series concerning the whole Flavor of Love crew.

1. Mo'nique. Before seeing this, I didn't know what comedienne Mo'nique knew about being classy or why she was chosen to be the host. Now that the premiere is over, I realize that she is the perfect person to host. I'm not too familiar with her work, but I will definitely be seeking out some of her stand-up work because she is hi-larious! Whether it's when she's surprised that the "tough" girls start bawling right after she says hello (and she is forced to become "Mo'prah") or when she suspected Thela of smoking weed before having a meeting with her in her office, Mo'nique provides deliciously insightful commentary on these lovely women. (As an aside, remember that fucked up dream I mentioned in my previous post? Well, Mo'nique also made an appearance...strange, huh?)

2. It's surprisingly emotional
. Oh my God, I was totally surprised at the ceremony where the girls got rid of their Flavor of Love nicknames at how up-lifting it all was. And when it came to Saaphyri I almost got a lump in my throat because she got kicked off of Flavor of Love so early that she didn't even get a chance to get a nickname. Just to hear her say "I didn't get a nickname" almost tore my heart. At this point, she is totally my favorite to win.

3. Larissa (aka Bootz) and Shay (aka Buckeey)
. Some of my favorite moments of Flavor of Love 2 came from these two outrageous women (Bootz: "You wish I was a ho...if I was a ho, I'd be a top dolla ho" and Buckeey almost pushing Krazy off of the roof were classics). So, naturally I was excited that they were being brought back for Charm School and they haven't disappointed yet. Within the first 10 minutes, they were threatening roommate Brooke (aka Pumkin) with a beat down if she spit on them. What a great way to start off a show and I hope they get more crazy moments.

4. Becky (aka Buckwild) is still as obnoxious as ever. Mo'nique was surprised that Buckwild's real name is Becky, because she tries to act black and yet has the whitest name in the house. She still has that phony accent and is forever trying to keep it real, and as long as she does that she will keep me entertained.

5. New York makes an appearance later on in the season
. There were previews for what's going to happen this season and later on, New York comes on to interview the girls about their progress or something (which is pretty ironic because she is not an ideal definition of classy herself, but whatever). And, from the looks it, she tears shit up and makes Larissa apologize for something and then asks Pumkin, "So, have you spit on anyone lately?" Haha, priceless. I love me some New York and can't wait for this episode (maybe by then she'll be promoting I Love New York 2 since she got dumped by that douche bag Tango on the reunion show).

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Unrelated, but I looked at your sidebar at your awards, and I must say, The Prestige is adapted. It's based on a book. Just so you know.