Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Do My Brother, a German Dictator, a Muslim Prophet, a Silent Comedian and Marijuana Have in Common?---April 20th!

I've discovered that April 20th is a pretty amazing day. First off, it was always a special day in my house because it's my brother Adam's birthday.

That's him on the left. Forgive the stupid expression on my face, but I like this picture because it's kinda funny. He turns 17 today and is pretty cool as far as brothers go. He already casually reminded me about a week ago about his impending birthday (he really wants those gifts). But guess who else my brother Adam shares his birthday with....

Yup, that's the leader of the Third Reich himself, Adolf Hitler. Unlike my brother, he's not cool at all. That whole Holocaust thing kind of ruined it for him in the cool scale.

So while I was looking up other famous birthdays, I ran across a couple that I thought were pretty interesting. Look who else's birthday is April 20th....

The Prophet Muhammed, but I bet you knew that already. Although the date of his birth is disputed, I decided to list it here because Wikipedia has it listed and I believe everything they say. I must say he was much cooler that Adolf Hitler (although that isn't hard). He started a religion for Allah's sake, that has to be up there on the cool scale.

And here's a final birthday...

Silent comedian Harold Lloyd! Although not as cool as Keaton or Chaplin, Lloyd was pretty cool in his own right and did some pretty crazy/funny things in his films (I mean, just look at that picture from his film Safety Last! He's really dangling from that clock about 20 stories above the ground---although there was a safety net about two stories below him)

Oh yeah, it's also National Smoke Marijuana Day too, but I bet you knew that. I don't personally smoke marijuana, but for some people it's their favorite day of the year (and I bet they aren't reading this right now).

Well, that's April 20th in a nutshell. Everyone have a great day!

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