Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Larissa/Bootz Does it Again

I am so excited about last Sunday's episode of "Charm School" because Larissa delivered another classic quote that I am going to be using all the time now. When describing Schatar, she said:

She's a whack ass bitch, with a whack ass weave, and I don't like her whack-ass ass.

Ahhhh, that is golden. I don't know how she keeps coming up with these lyrical quotes that transcend the classes. In case you have forgotten, Larissa is the one who came up with my favorite quote from last season of "Flavor of Love": "You wish I was a ho...If I was a ho, I'd be a top-dolla ho."

As much as I love Larissa however, the person I'm rooting for is Saaphyri. She has the farthest to come (she got into a fight and kicked off so early on "Flavor of Love" that she didn't even get a nickname) and I think she can do it. And here's one of the main reasons I love her- a clip from right before she got kicked off of "Flavor of Love" where she is having a heart to heart with the bitch she got in a fight with. Enjoy!

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SomeRandomGuy said...

Hm... the white girl definitely needed to get her ass beat one more good time. She was still talking smack even when Saaphyri was being nice and trying to have a civil conversation with her. "I just called you trash!", "You're bigger than that all right!", "Crack is whack!" Yeah, she needed another ass woopin.