Thursday, April 19, 2007


In what is quite possibly the best news of my life, Sanjaya has finally been eliminated on American Idol! After too many weeks of horrifyingly bad performances that made me want to die afterwards, Sanjaya received the good news last night. It was looking like it would never happen, but after Simon's outraged speech about how "the joke wasn't funny anymore" it was looking like Sanjaya would finally get his (I loved that in the farewell clip they showed Simon calling Sanjaya "incredible", but it was totally out of context because what he really said was "Let's try something new since it doesn't really matter what we say- That was incredible!"). I couldn't believe that Blake was in the bottom 3 last night and was so nervous for him. If Sanjaya beat him, I would have given up on this show. But thankfully, Blake was sent back first and I didn't have to worry. So, all America has to do is eliminate Phil Stacey next week and the show will be fantastic.


Samantha said...

actually Simon said "Incredible" not "fantastic" ya!!

J.D. Judge said...


Anonymous said...

No, Phil Stacey is amazing! Lakisha should go!