Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael Moore!

In another of my non-planned birthday celebration rants, I would like to say a big "Happy Birthday" to one of the most exciting and influential "documentarians" (there's still a debate about whether Moore creates documentaries or if they cross the line into the realm of fiction) around Michael Moore. I know he has his many detractors who consider him a fat slob with a liberal agenda to push, but I find his films fascinating. Until I saw Bowling For Columbine (his best film), I had never seen a film that was both utterly hilarious and really made me think about the gun issue so deeply. Add to this the classic Roger & Me and his anti-Bush attack Fahrenheit 9/11 and you've got one impressive resume. Moore is planning on showing his new documentary Sicko about the health care system in America out-of-competition at Cannes and, with luck, it will be released in America some time this year. So, here's a happy 53rd birthday to one of my favorite directors and continued success on raising hell in America.


J.D. Judge said...

I'm very liberal, and yet I am often sickened by him. It might be the fact that he is exact type of pretention that conservatives use against us. Loved Fahrenheit 9/11 though. Great a-hole point: The whole "I'm Michael Moore! $120 Million! I'm better than Documentary Feature!" thing. No doubt it would have nommed with a fair chance of winning it. I sort of hate him actually, lol.

James Henry said...

Oh, I understand your hatred towards Michael Moore. I know a lot of liberals (like yourself) who can't stand him. I just try to look at his movies and ignore whatever else he does.

J.D. Judge said...

Very good idea-point. And yes, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is the best movie ever.

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