Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rants of a Diva's One Year Anniversary!

Yay! Today marks the first anniversary of Rants of a Diva and I couldn't be more excited. Not only have I kept this up for a whole year, but I actually have a few readers who occasionally leave comments. If it wasn't for the ten of you, I might have abandoned this months ago (as I often do with projects of mine) so a round of thank you's are definitely in order.

And, by a completely random chance, today marks the birth of the one human being who rivals Jesus in terms of importance to the world. You all know her and better love her, otherwise she'll send her ninja assassins to rub you out:


Oh my God, how lucky am I to share my anniversary with the most important woman ever?! I wish her a happy 54th birthday and I hope her more success in saving the world.

So, in honor of my anniversary, here are some of my most popular posts and the ones I love best. Enjoy!

1. What is a Dench?, Movies That Could Have "Used a Dench", Dame Judi Dench Videos
From my day-long celebration to the one and only Dame Judi Dench

2. It's Britney's Comeback, Bitch
My thoughts on Britney's VMA comeback.

3. Rants on Myra Breckinridge
One of my favorite Film Rant of the past year.

4. Rants on Zodiac
Probably my "best" Film Rant.

5. All You J. Hud Haters Need to Get a Life
My thoughts on the sudden J. Hud backlash between the release of Dreamgirls and her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win.

6. Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon: Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 2
The movie sucked, but La Tisdale proved herself a force to be reckoned with.

7. Idol Gives Back, or: How I Wasted Two Hours of My Life For a Shitty Charity Special
Remember that American Idol charity special last season? I wish I didn't...

8. The Soundtrack of My Life
Not really that great of writing or anything, but I got 6 comments on it (my most ever!)

9. Oscar Bitch Fight: 1939
My thoughts on the Best Actress nominees for 1939. I've been meaning to do a second one for too long now. I should get on that.

10. Random Top 10: Biggest Comebacks
After Britney's failed comeback at the VMA's, I wanted to reminisce about successful comebacks of decade's past.

11. Slapstick Blog-a-thon: Jane Fonda and Wanda Sykes in Monster in Law
A pictorial look at a sequence from the criminally underrated (but I can see why it's hated) Monster in Law.

12. Rants on Heights
Another favorite Film Rant I forgot about earlier.


J.D. said...

Congrats, man!

DL said...

Congratulations, Diva! Your rants are always a pleasure to read (even if I don't comment ever, know that I'm reading! :P)