Monday, April 14, 2008

American Idol Recap: Top 8 Edition

Theme: Inspirational Music (ooh goody, my favorite)

Okay, I'm really, really lazy this week, and it's nearly Tuesday again, so I'll just put the performances in order of preference this week:

1. David Archuleta "Angels": No surprise here. Brilliant as always
2. Michael Johns "Dream On": Actually one of his better performances, although he did imitate Steven Tyler a little too much.
3. Kristy Lee Cook "Anyway": You know it's a weak week when Kristy Lee is in the Top 3, but there you have it. I don't know if it was because she sang a Martina McBride song, if it's my growing admiration for her after that incredibly smart "God Bless the U.S.A." performance or if this was actually a great performance, but I was actually enjoying myself.
4. Brooke White "You've Got a Friend": Same schtick as usual. She needs to get back to her "Let it Be" glory.
5. Carly Smithson "The Show Must Go On": Ditto. Will she every top "Come Together" and should I expect every performance to do that?
6. Syesha Mercado "I Believe": Decent, but she's no Fantasia.
7. David Cook "Innocent": All over the place and may be starting to get a little cocky.
8. Jason Castro "Somewhere Over the Rainbow": I never thought someone could butcher this song as much as Katherine McPhee did during season 5. I guess I was proven wrong. Judy just rolled over in her grave.

And let me just announce how pissed I am that Michael Johns (aka Sexy Australian) got voted off. I am not ready yet for him to leave. It didn't matter if most of his performances were shit...all he needed to do was speak with that Australian accent and I voted for him.

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