Friday, April 11, 2008

Five Song Friday: Awful Songs I Loved in Junior High (and Occasionally Listen to Now)

It's simple. Every Friday, I pick five songs that I've been loving for the past week. They don't have to be new songs or even singles from the album...the only requirement is that they're amazing.

1. Dream "He Loves U Not"
When this song came out, I thought Dream was going to be around forever. Who would have thought that their popularity would have lasted through one more song?

2. M2M "Everything You Do"
One of the first Disney Channel bands that I ever fell for. I doubt anyone else actuall remembers M2M, but they were awesome back in the day. They had this song and "Don't Say You Love Me" (which I actually owned as a single...that is so old school). In fact their entire album, "Shades of Purple" was the SHIT in 7th grade.

3. ATC "Around the World"
I used to annoy all of my friends in junior high by singing the "La la la la" part obnoxiously loud during band class.

4. A*Teens "Dancing Queen"
Before I loved ABBA, I loved this teenage copycat group. I think "obsessed" is actually a better way to describe it. Their entire first album was full of ABBA covers that were cool in 7th grade, but now just sound awful compared to the originals. I still love "Upside Down" though.

5. S Club 7 "Never Had a Dream Come True"
Does anyone else remember the S Club 7 sitcom on Fox Family on Saturday morning? It was one of the few shows I made sure to watch every week back in the day. After the show ended, and S Club 7 hadn't made it big in America, I kind of gave up on them. Then, in 8th grade, lo and behold, this song became their only American hit and I was in love again.


J.D. said...

I truly think that The A*Teens are one of God's most precious gifts to humanity. I will love them until the day I die.

Ditto to M2M. I still find myself humming "Don't Say You Love Me" at the most random times.

James, the über-nostalgic 7 year-old inside my mind thanks you. :)

Samantha said...

James, I just want to point out that we would've been best friends in junior high.....our taste in music was exactly the same. I listened to all that stuff and loved it profusely. Oh, the good ol' days! ;)

jillybean said...

in order to fully express my feelings, i have complied a list.

1. The La-La song, very nearly ended our friendship...
2. A*Teens are probably the reason i like Abba as much as i do...and it makes me sad in a happy kind of way.
3. S Club 7. the only reality show musical i can you remember the episode where they were driving in that red convertable and they hit the mileage limit and went through a time warp or something genius like that?
4. I remember sobbing my eyes out to that song after Richard broke up with me the first time around, because i was in love for reals.

Thats all. I likes this post.