Friday, April 18, 2008

Five Song Friday: Non-American Pop Music

It's simple. Every Friday, I pick five songs that I've been loving for the past week. They don't have to be new songs or even singles from the album...the only requirement is that they're amazing.

Glenn over at Stale Popcorn has been giving me lessons in "Non-American Pop Music" and I thought I'd share what I've learned.

Girls Aloud "Sexy! No No No"
If every member of the Pussycat Dolls had talent, they'd sound a lot like Girls Aloud. Their Greatest Hits CD is jam-packed full of amazing pop songs ("Biology" and "No Good Advice" are my favorites) and their latest CD Tangled Up is full of more. "Sexy! No No No" is off that CD and completely different from anything on the American radio.

Delta Goodrem "You Will Only Break My Heart"
Most of Delta's other songs sound like recent Celine Dion songs, but "You Will Only Break My Heart" is pop perfection.

The Veronicas "Untouched"
I love the bombastic, over-the-top violins in this song- such a nice touch.

Sugababes "Push the Button"
I'm not a huge fan of Sugababes (a little too subdued for my taste) but "Push the Button" is extremely catchy.

Kylie Minogue "All I See"
What Madonna is to America, Kylie is to the rest of the world. "All I See" is the first American single off her X album and I hope it becomes her first hit here since "Love at First Sight."

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