Monday, April 14, 2008

Greatest Line Ever in an Academic Article

For my World History 1500-Present class, I was assigned to read Iris Chang's article "Exposing the Rape of Nanking." I had never heard of this before but apparently in 1937, Japan invaded China and when they reached Nanking, they massacred between 260,000 and 350,000 Chinese and almost 80,000 were raped by Japanese soldiers. I was, of course, horrified by this, but my day brightened a little when I read this line:

"So brutal were the Japanese in Nanking that even the Nazis in the city were shocked."

When you have a Nazi telling you that you're too brutal in your massacring, you know you have a
major problem. Furthermore, it also reminded me of Kathy Griffin's monologue about Whitney Houston's intervention, to which Courtney Love attended, where she says: "When Courtney Love is telling you you're hitting the pipe too hard...."

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