Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Britney Comeback?

I haven't written about Britney in awhile, mostly because she hasn't done anything batshit crazy or extremely positive (except for her appearance on How I Met Your Mother) in the past few months (not that I'm complaining....I'm glad her life is quieting down). Over at The Superficial, they are reporting some good news from Britney's corner of the world. Britney has been spotted at the gym, at least once a day, for awhile now and is even in talks to be the new spokesperson for Bally Total Fitness. Also, she's been hitting the studio, tinkering around with the piano and coming up with new tunes. All I can say to this last bit of news is...YES! I can't wait for the follow-up to Blackout (my #2 album of 2007). And if she was majorly messed-up when she made that masterpiece, imagine what her cleaned-up will be!

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