Sunday, April 20, 2008

Angels in the Outfield Reimagined

Last night, my friends and I were watching The Lion King on an old-school Disney VHS tape. During the 20 minutes of previews, one that came on was for Angels in the Outfield. Now, I saw this movie once about 10 years ago and don't remember anything about it except the basics of the plot. I had completely forgotten that Danny Glover was the star (and so were a young Matthew McConaughey and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and was excited to see him because he is pretty much amazing. But, a random thought occurred to me while watching the trailer: How awesome would it have been to see Samuel L. Jackson in this film? Just imagine the classic line that could have came out of the movie:

"There are motherfucking angels in the motherfucking outfield!"

How badass would that have been? I think I can smell another remake of this coming!


J.D. said...

James, I admire you for watching a VHS (so retro), and love you for it being The Lion King. I'm surprised mine can still play, despite the (around) 200 times I've watched it in the last 13 years. *childhood mega-favorite*

Secondly, YES! That would be awwwwwwwwwwwesome. :)

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