Friday, March 28, 2008

2007 Diva Cup Awards: Best Non-Musical Scene

And the nominees are...Atonement: Briony's Apology
No matter what you think about the validity of Briony's atonement, you have to concede that this scene packs an emotional punch. If this scene doesn't work, then what's the point in sitting around for the ending?

Eastern Promises: The Bathhouse
Besides the basic thrill of seeing Viggo Mortensen naked, the bathhouse scene is one of the most exciting fight scenes in years.

I'm Not There: The Restaurant
After seeing Cate ham it up for most of the film, it's nice to take a break and finally see something as subtle as this scene. Ledger's meltdown is uncomfortable and Gainsbourg's realization at what she has married is heartbreaking.

Sicko: The Dumped Woman
Of all the scenes in Sicko that are intended to provoke outrage and anger (and trust me, there are a lot), this scene downright pisses you off. Those horrifying minutes of watching that woman wander the streets after being dumped from her hospital for not being able to pay are way scarier than anything in Saw IV.

There Will Be Blood: The Bowling Alley
A thrilling scene because you have no idea where the characters are coming from, what's going to happen next or what it all really means until that stunner of a finale. He drinks those milkshakes, damnit.

If Only There Were Six: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: Jesse Comes to Dinner
Affleck vs. Pitt; it almost doesn't matter that anyone else is in the room. These two are lighting this mother on fire

Rest of the Top 10:
The Brave One: Confrontation in the Parking Structure...No Country For Old Men: Hotel Showdown...Into the Wild: Final Scene...Zodiac: Rainy Night in the Cellar

I'm Not There: The Restaurant

Atonement: Briony's Apology

There Will Be Blood: The Bowling Alley

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